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About Us

It All Started With a Pound Cake

For girls born and raised in the south, and yes, Florida is a southern state, it was naturally expected that they would be good cooks. That was not the case with me. I had absolutely no interest in the stove, no interest in cooking, and when I did cook a meal, no one would eat it. That was how it was until I baked my very first pound cake. And once that cake was baked, and people got their first taste, I knew that I had a talent.

In 2017 I put that talent into action and created TRACY CAKES. TRACY CAKES specializes in old fashioned southern pound cakes made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients. My mission is to share a slice of southern pound cake with people everywhere. Our signature cake is Golden Butter, made with, you guessed it, real butter! There is an art to putting all of the ingredients together, and mixing them just so. Never over mixing. Then baking each cake to delicious perfection. That’s a southern pound cake! My customers love my enthusiasm and passion for baking. That’s why they continue to buy TRACY CAKES!

TRACY CAKES makes delicious old fashioned southern pound cakes and other classic desserts, including gluten free.